Main Research Interests

I'm particularly interested in research themes related to spatial and spatio-temporal information.
The work builds on a variety of research areas in computer science, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence (e.g., Knowledge Representation, Automated Reasoning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing);
  • Advanced Databases;
  • Conceptual Modelling;

The main thread of my research encompasses the following fields:

  • Spatial / Spatio-temporal Knowledge Representation & Reasoning;
  • Reasoning about actions, change, events and processes;
  • Handling Spatial Vagueness and Uncertainty;
  • Geospatial Ontologies;
  • Commonsense representations of space; cognitive and philosophical aspects of space;
  • Linguistic aspects of space and space-time;

The work is applied to different (broader) fields of research, such as:

  • Volunteered Geographic Information - VGI;
  • Geographic Information Retrieval - GIR (toponym resolution, spatio-temporal indexing, relevance ranking, query formulation and visualisation);
  • Geographic Information Systems - GIS (spatial and spatio-temporal data modelling, user-aware/context-aware systems, user interaction and visualisation, satellite image processing);
  • Modelling Geospatial Semantics (including event/process modelling for dynamic GIS, reasoning over multi-granularities);
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems - ITS;
  • Smart Cities;
  • Robotics, Industrial Automation, Computer Vision (e.g., event detection in video);

Other Research Interests

Many of the fields investigated have characteristics that are independent from space and time. Thus I'm also generally interested in:

  • Everything that involves formal representations of knowledge;
  • Ontology development, semantic integration & interoperability, and semantic technologies in general;
  • Semantic Web in General;
  • Social Network Analysis, Social Media Mining, Text Mining;
  • Information Retrieval in General;
  • Natural Language Processing;
  • Data Modelling and Management;
  • Databases (Multimedia DBs, Distributed DBs, Datawarehouse, Data Mining);
  • Digital Image Processing (with focus on Satellite Image Classification);

Research Projects/Activities

  • Sorry for leaving this blank... I will describe here the research activities I'm currently involved. I hope to do that soon.


(I welcome enquiries from potential MSc and PhD students interested in topics related to my research)
  • Current PhD Students:
    • Maxwell Guimarães de Oliveira / Volunteered Geographic Information + Geographic Information Retrieval / 2013 - 2017;
    • Francisco Dantas Nobre Neto / Intelligent Transportation Systems / 2013 - 2017;
  • Current MSc Students:
    • Júlio Henrique Rocha / Geographic Information Retrieval / 2014 - 2016;
    • José Amilton Accioli Filho / SOLAP + BigData / 2014 - 2016;
    • Caio Libanio de Melo Jerônimo / Text Mining /  2015 - 2017;
    • Igor Gomes de Meneses Cruz / Volunteered Geographic Information + Spatial Data Infrastructure /  2015 - 2017;
    • Elias Paulino Medeiros / Semantic Information Retrieval + Spatio-temporal Modelling / 2015-2017;